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About us

we have been operating for over 9 years in baking 100% Natural Rabbit & Guinea Pig Treats. 

We love all our pets to have treats & there was nothing on the market (shops) to give to my rabbits or guinea pigs. So I decided to start baking treats and making chew toys. My customers loved them and the rabbits & guinea pigs just wanted more, so I starting dehydrating. The treats were a great idea & the results were very demanding so now we grow even more every day & every week.

My customers have always supported me & I am very grateful for their support. I wouldn’t be here without my customers. They are all special to me & mean the world to me for supporting me at all times with our treats and chew toys range.

I do a post-out service & I also enjoy this as I know everyone has a busy life. All I want is for all the bunnies & guinea pigs to have our special treats & toys. Our rabbits never miss out on having what they love from us. 

My girls & I pride ourselves on our quality & service and we know there is nothing like our treats or chew toys. Sadly, there are others copying our ideas & trying to copy our ingredients. They also have attempted to copy our name which is quite rude as my girls put in a lot of thought & in helping me bake our treats & make our toys. But there is no place like Bella’s Bunny Treats with our special secret ingredients. We pride our self in quality fresh local fruit & vegetables and also some homegrown in my mother's garden. I am so proud of this, as it is special to our family coming from Nunna, (grandmas garden). 

All our treats are posted out and Payments are made to our Paypal. 


Here is an image of our shop.

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