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Store Policy

Customer Care

We want our customers to be happy and to understand that we are not just an online store. I pride my self in customer service and that has always started by being contactable and approachable to talk to on the phone.

So yes, you can contact me to place large orders and to organize a monthly order if that's something your wanting.

You're also welcome to call us on 0414 951980.

We are located in Sydney and if customers want to pick up orders in person then I recommend to call me in person. Thanks.


Privacy & Safety

We keep all your details and personal information private. We like to know that you have received your products & we love to receive a message or a photo of your happy bunnies with our products.

We also don't mind a personal phone call if you want a large order.  Call us as I am very happy to hear from you and to discuss your order in person.

Payment Methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards


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